Thursday, March 26, 2015

Make In India Campaign in Association with Government of India.

The Government of India, under the direction of Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has launched the Make in India Campaign aimed at transforming India into a global Manufacturing hub.  

As an Economic reforms writer and analyst is it great privilege and honor to be part of this campaign that would aim at bringing Economic Growth and sustainable industrial growth and manufacturing avenues in India and I was approached by Foxymoron who are proud to be a part of such an exciting initiative to join the GOI in this initiative and I had to oblige.. 

The initiative operates under 25 different sectors such as Automobiles, Aviation, Construction, Media & Entertainment, Chemicals, Electronic Systems, Railways, Manufacturing and many more.   

The campaign is an attempt to keep India’s money in India. “Come, make in India. Be it plastics or cars or satellites or agricultural products, come make in India.” Prime Minister Modi’s statement encapsulates an urge to strengthen India’s manufacturing sector and build its industrial base nationwide.

As part of this initiative, I was recognized to be part of the campaign and write about this extensively in my blog .  This would be to share in-depth and exclusive insights.  Personal experiences and interviews of people at HANNOVER MESSE (snippets/ bites), as well as Interviews of European businesses who have invested in India or who are considering it.

I personally find this initiative exciting and looking forward to be contributing my part to the campaign from Government of India.    Look forward to more details and detailed analysis on various topics that would contribute to this India Champion Initiative….Let us ‘Make in India’.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Keeping the villians away!

Thunderstruck, just not alone
Had all the toxic people around’
Shouting at me and me at them
Felt like pushing them from the cliff;
Or me jumping off from the grief!

Reaching the place where I am
The journey was full of thorns’
Sleepless nights and physical strain;
Mental stress and emotional drain
Crossed did I, every damn dirty turn!
 Endured self, focusing on one single goal
To make my life’ just the way I want’
As I pened my eyes, I saw them coming
Wide open like demons in my life
Chasing me into the wilder tribes!

Looked like people who would stray
Ready to rupture and swallow me
Forcing me to ignore the angels in my life
Who made it colorful and picture perfect?
Useless words away from my blessed home!

Clinging on to the dirt of their lives
Like a garbage bag just refusing to leave
Get away, ugly people, from my life!!
Without you, I am at the highest peace
Every time I shine bright and high!

You come into my life, toxins of life
Just to ensure that I agitate within
Yet, honest to myself, I will fight
A brave and winning battle again
I can raise again, above you all!

To show that your stupid deeds
Will not affect me in and out
For few hours, I may not be myself
But the courage with which I was raised
I know for sure, I will raise again!!!

To shine, bright, above all the fight
I will not end this journey of life
But will end the relationships I had
With you, most useless people in life
That I ever destined to have unknown!!!

If curses are proved right and straight
I would not wish them on your children
For what I don’t take from you, is all yours
Your bad deeds and bad thoughts
That I strongly refuse to take anymore!!

Good bye, dirty toxic people in my life
I am good and great without you!
Thanks to angels in my life,
My mother, my siblings and my man
Above all, my apple in my eye
My friends who cheer me through
And my passions that I hold true!!



Friday, March 20, 2015

Togetherness - A way of celebrating life.

Togetherness.  One of the most beautiful feeling and most loving words in the world.  It means unity, relationship, happiness, bonding and being together.   Many things unite people in the world.  Togetherness is wide spread in families, teams and society.  We see it in religion, states and countries.  People unite for they have something in common.  Be it a blood relationship, friendship, classmates, colleagues at work, neighbors,   sports team, clubs or those united in some cause.

Grief unites people.  Sometimes a tragedy binds people more than any other thing.  It is only during the desperate times, that we look for the company of people who can understand our feelings.  Who can be with us, protecting our emotional balance, intellectual ability and physical well-being, comes as a rescue in times of grief or pain.     Only in those moments of desperation and vulnerability, we get a chance to recognize who are the real people in our life.  It is only during the moments of anxiety, we realize how sooner we get the company of the people who really care and share our joys and sorrows.

I went to Nashville for training in 2010.  The travel from LA was not tiresome.  But my excitement of being in the music city of the world, anxiety of visiting a new client and same time, wanting to visit Elvis Presley in Graceland were all making me restless.   Above all, I get a mail popped up telling me about a team mate passing away with kidney failure.  Mind was restless and body got tired by evening.  I took the cab back to the Marriott Hotel from office.   The new team was too good and client was very accommodated.

Mixed thoughts…  In a jerk, I got out of the car, slipped on the wet floor and went straight face down to the ground and hit the rocky surface breaking my jaws, teeth, specs and bruises all over.  It was a kind of a miracle that I survived for there was so much of bleeding.  New city, absolutely no known people than the new client office and all alone.  I was rushed to emergency, being there for 5 hours helplessly in pain and plastic surgeon working on my face, setting my jaw and leave the dentist back in LA to take care of my broken teeth, I felt lost.  Physical pain and emotional fear of being alone in such a state was quite a traumatic time to manage. 

The minute I mentioned about this accident to my husband, he was very concerned.  He wanted to fly back immediately to Nashville but I stopped him saying that my daughter will be alone in LA.   I went back to work slowly the next day afternoon with stitches all around my face.   That’s when I realized how blessed I am.  Team members from Argentina who also came for the training with me to Nashville and also the client were very supportive.   Strangers became friends to share my pain and comfort me by ordering soft liquid food and taking care of me during the 3 days of training and till I got back to the airport to take the flight to LA.   

The world is so considerate to human pain.  People stared at me in shock in the plane, at the same showed me consideration to help with my luggage and food.  When I reached LA airport and got out of Burbank, my man came running to me and gave me a big bear hug.  That’s when I cried first time since the accident.   He pampered me next 15 days taking care of me like a baby.  Making food, helping me with my work, keeping me at comfort in travel from Glendale to Woodlands and also my errands to both the dentist and surgeon who worked on my stitches on the faces and slowly removed one by one.   It took me several turns to the doctor before I complete full recovered.   Prayers and candles continued for my recovery in the Glendale Church of Brethren.  That’s when I realized, that world is still of people with humanity.  We are also blessed to be in the world where there is care and concern.  Love and affection.  

The optimism and belief in the world comes from the togetherness in times of joys and sorrows.  In that way, I am truly blessed to have my husband who dons various hats to make my life comfortable and happy.  He pampers me like a dad, show unconditional love as a husband, behaves and demands like a son,  hears to my unending stories like a friend,  always stays next to me like twin and joins in all my crazy things like a partner in crime; be it running, playing, singing, social work or just having a lazy drink and relaxing on a Saturday night.  He is just there.  In a beautiful togetherness for a lifetime.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

#LookUpStories: Moment of Optimism and Hope for the Future :-) :-) :-)

My moment of pushing towards a positive vibe and a strong optimism came from the most unexpected corners of life.   Those were the days of anxiety, struggle, and fight for survival and bottlenecks at every turn in life.   

In those vulnerable circumstances, one gets pushed to a state of negativity, closed and absence from social life.    However strong, emotionally balanced and educated, intelligent and well behaved, some depressing circumstances make you forget what you are.   It was a day of these dominant factors.  I was working in Raheja Towers in Mount Road, Chennai; one of the most architecturally beautiful buildings of Chennai.  I was driven with all emotions that would have succumbed me unknowingly.   

I went to the 9th floor of the building and sat down staring at the passers-by in the road nearby.  The steps were vacant and there was no one around.   The loneliness was what I felt was the need of the hour.  I did not realize how depressing it can make a person.   I did not eat that afternoon and was just wanting to kill the hours, not wanting to go home after my shift got over.  I was not happy to go home and face the negative people who created toxic images in my life.   I wanted to be left alone.  Left in my own world of silence and oblivion.  To an extrovert person like me, this was the best self-punishment for not being positive.

Suddenly I heard loud noises and laughter coming from the lift adjacent to the staircase.  I was so frustrated on that noise for spoiling my silent afternoon.  I walked to the lift in anger, to see who the hell are the people who are disturbing my so called ‘peace’.    In less than fraction of a minute, my anger flew off.   That’s the first time I saw Siddharth Jeykumar, happily smiling and laughing loud.    

Siddharth fighting celebral palsy achieved greater heights where most of the people of his condition would have been affected by the sadness and demotivation of their own people and family.  Sidh had a totally motivating family whose main purpose was to ensure that Sidh lives in comfort, achieves what children of his condition find it hard and to get him to education and employment in the main stream definitely would not have been an easy journey.  

I saw my close friend and colleague with him in the lift and I jumped into the lift without a second thought.  They were laughing that they forgot to get down at 7th floor where the doc checking team works and they decided to play up and down in the lift.  Giggling all the way they all went down the lift to the ground floor and Sidh was cracking jokes all the while.   His positive energy was wide spread and it honestly lifted me from the sense of loss to the sense of positiveness.  I decided to take my life in my stride, my control and in my choice.

If you leave your life in the hands of others, and decision making for others to take for you, then you will be at loss only.   The moment you smile away your grief, feel that you are born this way to prove yourself and be sure of God’s plans for you, you will leave all regrets outside the door.  For that is where the garbage is left every day. Why the hell do we carry the garbage in our heads inside our homes and hearts?   You don’t have choice for few relationships in life, but you can always decide how you want to handle that relationship.  Keeping the bitter one’s away may be initially tough; but that would make you feel better and happy in the long run.

Sidh without knowing touched my life in a strange positive way.  He showed me that no matter what, life is precious to be losing in regrets, fear, anger and past.  Looking ahead and learning from past, cherishing what we have than what we want will make our lives more meaningful.  We may not be rich to be the country’s biggest philanthropists.  But you can give yourself, few things that don’t cost anything but hope and optimistic thoughts.   You can give yourself happiness, hard work paving way to success, self-esteem and determination making you successful.   

Thank you Sidh…for you made me look back at life and cherish the best I had.  You inspired me to look forward, be positive, be optimistic about life and looking forward at future with hope and admiration and cherish the joy of living, giving and celebrating life, the way it has to be.